1. We read in Hebrews 9: 26-28 “Otherwise it would have been necessary to suffer many
times from the beginning of the world; but now, in the consummation of the centuries, it was presented
once and for all by the sacrifice of himself to remove sin from the midst. 27Y of the
way that is established for men who die only once, and after this the
judgment, 28 so also Christ was offered only once to bear the sins of many; Y
He will appear a second time, unrelated to sin, to save those who wait for him. ”

2. It was prophesied in Zechariah 3: 9 that God would take away sin from the earth in one day. The author
of Hebrews taught that in the consummation of the centuries of the law, Christ appeared once to
always by the sacrifice of Himself and removed by a single sacrifice the sin of the earth in a
just day

3. Hebrews 10: 12,14,2 says that Christ having offered only one offering for sins, he
He sat at the right hand of God, and made the sanctified ones perfect forever, so that you may clean a
instead, they no longer had a conscience of sin. When did Christ do all this? He did it in his
first coming in relation to sin, but his second coming was missing without relation to sin.
4. From the cross, it became clear that the Lamb of God took away the sin of the world (John
1:29) and that he reconciled the world with himself, not taking men into account his
sins (2 Corinthians 5:19). Paul told the saints in Rome that they being justified in His
blood, by Christ they would be saved from wrath and being reconciled to God, they would be saved by their
life, (Romans 5: 9,10).

5. According to Galatians 3:13 the first coming of Christ in relation to sin was to redeem the
who were under the curse of the law; but look, what was Paul waiting for in his day
in 1 Thessalonians 1:10? And expect from the heavens his Son, Jesus, who delivers us from anger
coming. There was an anger waiting, an anger coming. Romans 1:18 says that the wrath of
God reveals himself from heaven. John the Baptist told the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 3: 7 “…!
Generation of vipers! Who taught you to flee from the wrath to come?
6. Acts 24:25 says that Governor Felix, hearing Paul speak about the coming judgment,
He got scared. And Jesus said in Luke 21: 35,36 to his disciples, “A bond will come upon all who
They inhabit the face of the earth. Watch praying for you to be considered worthy to escape from
all these things that will come, and of standing before the Son of Man.
7. Notice, in the generation between year 30 to year 70 A.D. An anger was coming, a bond and judgment
on the face of the earth, and Paul expected the Lord to deliver him from that wrath to come, but look what
that he told the saints in Thessalonica in 1 Thessalonians 5: 9 “Because God has not put us
to anger, but to achieve salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

” Hebrews 9:28 says
“… and will appear a second time without relation to sin, to save those who wait for him.”
8. What was the second coming of Christ called? To the manifestation of God’s wrath against
The whole nation of Israel that rejected Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, how do we know? Notice,
in the year thirty and a half, Christ shed his blood for the remission of the sins of the world, and
What did the Jews do? They rejected that sacrifice, that Messiah, that spirit of grace and that
blood, and they kept going to the temple to offer the same sacrifices with males day after day
goats that could never take away sin

9. In Matthew 24: 3 when the disciples heard of Jesus that there would be no stone left on the
temple, they asked, tell us, when will that fall from the temple, and what sign will be of your coming,
and the end of the century or the era of Judaism? Notice, that Jesus related his second coming with the
fall of the temple and the end of the century or era of Judaism. The physical signal of his second coming was the
fall of the temple, and the end of Judaism, and the destruction of Jerusalem, then, Luke 21:20 Jesus
He told his disciples that when they saw Jerusalem surrounded by armies, they would know that their
destruction had arrived.

10. If history confirms to us that there was in A.D. 70. a fall of the temple and a destruction
of Jerusalem, then, there was a fulfillment of a second coming in judgment over all the
nation of Israel, where no one escaped the wrath to come. Jesus said in Luke 21:22 that those days
they would be of retribution, so that all the things that were written were fulfilled.
11. What would determine the second coming of Christ in judgment? Paul taught in Romans
9: 22-23 that God was going to show his anger and make his power known against the vessels of anger that he
prepared for destruction, but in turn, he was going to show his glory to the vessels of

12. Then, the second coming of Christ was not going to be in relation to sin, but in relation to
a judgment that would separate vessels of mercy from vessels of wrath; to the wheat of the tares; at
sheep of the kids, to the believers of the wicked, where the vessels of wrath, the tares, the kids
and the wicked would receive the baptism in fire of Matthew 3:11 alive. Paul said in
2 Thessalonians 1: 8.6 in flame of fire, to give retribution to those who did not know God, nor
they obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, because it is right before God to pay with
tribulation to those who trouble you. What were the enemies of the first century Christians?
It was the Jews.

13. What was the greatest sin they committed against Christ? The author of Hebrews
10: 26-31 taught that everyone who voluntarily sinned against Christ, after
having received the knowledge of the truth, he had no more sacrifice for sins,
but a horrendous expectation of judgment, and of boiling fire that will devour the
14. The fall of the temple, the end of Judaism and the destruction of the temple was the punishment that those
adversaries to Christ, they deserved to trample on the Son of God, for having the blood of the unclean
pact and for facing the Spirit of grace, how they trampled him, they considered his blood unclean and
Afraid the spirit of grace? Going to the temple to continue in sacrifices for the remission of their
sins, that is why God in 70 had to destroy that temple so there would be no more sacrifices
for sins, because with a single offering Christ had made the perfect ones forever

15. The second coming of Christ in judgment was that vengeance, which paid, that horrendous thing
of the living God, because Hebrews 9:30 says that the Lord would judge his people Israel and he used the
troops of Daniel 11:31 who desecrated his sanctuary, who took away the continuous sacrifice and
they put the abomination desolate, and used the king of V: ​​36 until the anger was consummated;
because God said that the determined would be fulfilled.
16. But something else was missing for the absolute fulfillment of his second coming that was no longer in
judgment with the nation of Israel, but in salvation in favor of those in that generation
They expected, then, Jesus said in Matthew 24:34 that this generation would not pass until all that
It happened including his second coming.

17. What was missing? The fulfillment of the high priestly office of Christ for the church of the
first century Hebrews 9:28 says “… and will appear a second time without regard to sin, to
save those who wait for him. ” This was the same salvation as in the tabernacle of Moses at
to enter the High Priest in the Most Holy Place once a year, the twelve tribes awaited the
second departure from him to save them from the wrath of God because of sins.
18. The time spent by the High Priest within the Most Holy Place was a space of
Expectation and fear for the people. His reappearance, live, was the most joyful part of the ritual.
It revealed that the two sacrifices had been accepted by God, and the sins of Israel
They were forgiven for another year until I returned next year for the same ritual.
19. The author of Hebrews 8: 2 said “… we have such a High Priest, who sat at the right hand of the
throne of the Majesty in the heavens ”… and in Hebrews 9:28 he said“… And it will appear a second time, without
relationship with sin, to save those who wait for him. ”

20. To the nation of Israel that second coming was for judgment, but to the remnant chosen by
Grace was for salvation. How do we know that Christ came for some in judgment and for others in
salvation? By the physical sign of the fall of the temple and the destruction of Jerusalem that occurred
in the year 70 A.D.

21. What was the purpose of that pause? It was to give way to a new heaven and an earth
new, where in Revelation 21: 1-3 John testified that the first heaven and the first earth passed,
For what? To descend the holy city, the new Jerusalem and the new tabernacle of God
With men as their God.

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